a wise centaur – Chiron

Yesterday Venus moved to Sagittarius and Chiron went direct in Aries. Currently, Venus and Chiron are beautifully making Trine each other as well as sextile with the Jupiter/ Saturn conjunction in the last degree of Capricorn!

Sagittarius (a zodiac sign) and Chiron (an asteroid or a comet?) share the theme of the centaurs, a mythical being with the upper body of a man and four legs of a horse. The centaurs are the embodiment of our dualism such as the intellect & instinct sides of human beings.

Astronomically, Chiron was discovered in 1977 as an asteroid between Saturn and Uranus and named after a wise centaur Chiron who was a teacher to Greek gods. This Grecian myth and the location of Chiron brought important significance to astrological interpretations of Chiron.

In astrology, there is a big gap between Saturn and Uranus. It is a leap from the individual/ generational notion to the collective involving the transcendental time and space (e.g. the outer space, the past, present & future, etc). Chiron was discovered in between this gap and named after the wise centaurs.

Currently, we are in the midst of the shift from the Saturnian era (symbolised by planets in Capricorn) to the Uranus era (symbolised by the Great Conjunction in Aquarius). Some expresses as ‘We are moving towards the Age of Aquarius” shifting from the heavy and rigid earthy energy (earth) to the smart, light and futuristic intellectual energy (air) involving IT, AI revolutions, space development, etc.

Regardless of how far the technology advances, our earthy side remains as long as we have a body which requires animalistic needs. The myth of Chiron shows how he suffers the perpetual pain from a wound caused by a poisonous arrow while being immortal because of his father Zeus.

In a personal astrological chart, the position of Chiron shows where we feel damaged & wounded, where we feel vulnerable and defensive, and how we might heal & help others.

But I rarely talk about Chiron because it is one of the deepest levels of our Soul’s path. It is not just about ‘healing’ of the outer layers of personal matters. Chiron’s teaching may involve individual, generational, ancestral, historical, societal, global, universal healing, even transcending time and space.

It’s high time to talk about Chiron now. I plan to continue writing more about Chiron. 🙂

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