Can I get an Astro session without the Birth Time?

The answer is NO and YES!!! 🙂

To get a session of the Western astrology, you need to tell astrologers (or me) your “birth data”, which is about the Year, Date, Time and Place of your birth. Among these, it seems difficult for many people to find their Birth Time.

If you are to purchase any ‘highly-skilled’ astrologer’s reading, you’d better seriously conduct research in your correct Birth Time. Otherwise, your investment in the astro reading may be wasted. The gravity of the Birth Time is stressed by many known astrologers like Steven Forrest. Watch “Can I Do Astrology Without the Time of Birth?” (Youtube)

Why is the Birth Time so important?

Traditionally, the Birth Time is vital because it determines your Ascendant (Asc) point, which organically structures the rest of the Axis and Houses (representing the areas of your life). The precise time is required to calculate the correct point. As Asc technically shifts 1 degree by every 4 minutes, every minute counts to determine it.

So if you don’t know the Birth Time, can’t you get any Astro sessions?

Yes, you can but please note that there will be limitations to discuss “mundane” matters of your life. What is “mundane” matters? They are about worldly materialistic matters such as family, relationships, money, home, work, health… Well, aren’t they about our life itself? If you are focusing on this physical side of yourself, the Astro consultation without the Birth Time will be just meaningless. If you want to know and discuss your inner-world, your psychological make-up, the consultation without the Birth Time actually works. It may be even simpler and shaper to pay attention to your inherited Soul’s habits or characteristics. JUST TRY!

NOTE: If you don’t feel satisfied, there are astrologers who specifically offer a service of “rectification of your birth time” based on your life’s events.

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