Early this morning, Saturn finally moved to Aquarius. He will stay in the sign until March 2023. In Capricorn, he has been putting extra pressure and limitation on our traditional values and social structures (Earthy topics) as if he was inspecting if they were applicable and durable for coming decades.

In Aquarius, Saturn now will impose his sense of responsibility, limitation and reality-check on Aquarian matters! Both in society and in private, it may bring the agendas like:

  • How do we tolerate and accept those who are different while we want to be original and recognised by our uniqueness?
  • How do we and society seriously take social & humanitarian responsibilities further?
  • Besides, we may face the limitation, issues & weakness in advancing technology (science) and development of outer space.
  • E.g. a snippet was shown when the Youtube server was down for a moment this week! Will the new vaccines for Covid work without any harm?

Saturn is the god of time, Cronus. He teaches us that we are no god. By challenging us with the limitation of being human, he makes us overcome our fear and boundaries in reality.

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