New Moon in Sagittarius in Sweden


For Sweden (Lund), the New Moon is happening in the 6th house with the South Node in conjunction with Mercury in Sagittarius. It means that the North Node (our collective Soul’s intention) is the 12th house in Gemini ruled by Mercury. The natural quality of the 6th house is Virgo which is ruled by Mercury!

Therefore, this New Moon in Sagittarius for people in Sweden encourages you to consciously think, learn and communicate in reality about the 12th house matters, that are the most unspoken topics such as “Unconsciousness, Dreams, Inner-self, Spiritual insights, Secrets…”

As the South Node conjunction with Mercury indicates in the 6th house, “Now we have done enough with learnings and communications around day-to-day facts and practical studies. Let’s now see how we can apply, learn and communicate about the area of the 12th house which we have overlooked for the last centuries (in the name of science!)”

The Ascendant of the chart for Sweden is Cancer, which stands for home, family, ancestors, security, your emotions, etc opposing the great three planets in Capricorn in the 7th. It may indicate that “Let’s start with home, and discuss with your closest partner.” It may bring some tension but the topics in the 12th house need to be discussed soon or later for one’s emotional security and the genuine connection and unity with the other.

Today’s chart for Lund, Sweden

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