Connecting Humans-Earth-the Universe

It is a tough time for human beings and Earth (whatever organically exists on Earth). Both human beings and Earth need care and support from each other, but it is not functioning well. The core balance ‘reciprocity’ of the human-Earth relationship is undoubtedly failing.

We cannot just go to trees and hug them to suck their care for us, only when we need it. If human beings need care and support from Earth, we need to give Earth thanks and care for her to nurture herself first, which is lacking in modern everyday life.

It is one of the basic philosophies in shamanic practice, in which we always give thanks and gifts to Earth. As our environment (incl. air, water, earth, fire) is a living being, we associate with them with respect and awe.

For shamanic practitioners, it is a very busy time now because we want to support communications between human beings-Earth-the Universe, while dealing with our own & collective karmic baggage accumulated through human history.

Photo by veeterzy on Unsplash

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