Power of Story

Though nothing special, I always liked to tell my life stories. This is perhaps my strong Sagittarian nature who loves telling stories and preaches! 😆 For a long time, I’ve noticed that I unintentionally make my sad or depressive stories adventurous and funny, by puffing up the energy a bit and adding some elements of my learning in the stories.

When I look back on my life, I have lots of mistakes and regrets which usually come from my nature not having much of a plan in life. At some point in my life, I learned that things did not happen as I planned or, even if things happened, I was not as happy as I expected. Besides, I often got so impacted by my environment and drastically changed my directions in life enough to feel that I should not make any plan, rather I decided to go for my intuition. Now I know this is due to my Plutonic nature! 😆 A constant inner death and rebirth throughout my life, perhaps I cannot avoid it.

Nonetheless, intuitions are tricky. 😆 They are not logical. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they are horrible. When things turn out to be horrible, not only I lose confidence in myself and trust in my intuition, but also my life looks just a mess from the social norms’ perspective. This challenges me when I have to get a job or talk to those who live in the rigid social norms. I find myself constantly defending my choices and doings in the past as if I had a clear coherent intention about my widely varied experiences. Thus, I am constantly rewriting my life’s story when I organise my CV! 😆

I’ve been feeling a bit guilty expressing my story as if I were lying. Although all components were mere facts, putting them as if they were coherent.

Yesterday, I got a clear and beautiful approval to my story-telling. Story has its own energy, the Power of Story! As history is story, my whole life is story. I can interpret it as I like. Nobody really cares to be honest. If anyone cares or comments, one should care to refine one’s own story. How to relate with the events happening in our lives is up to us how to write our story.

Thank you Shamanic Stories of Nature which helps me to reconnect the Power of Story in me! As you see, my stories want me to make a space for them and write about them in hope of weaving a magic container for people to take time to relax, slow down and step out of time. 😉


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