Indicator of the coming decades: the Great Conjunction 2020

Only two week left until the Great Conjunction on December 21st! This conjunction is believed to be a reappearance of the star of the Christmas tree or the Star of Bethlehem. ⭐️

The pandemic crisis compels us paralysis in everyday life, but, astrologically, too many events are happening in 2020 for us to digest. The climax of all the events is this Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

The conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn is actually happening every 20 years when their orbits overlap from the Earth’s perspective. However, this year’s conjunction is singular both astronomically (physics) and astrologically (logos).

Astronomically, the rare closeness and high visibility make this conjunction very special. The 2020 conjunction is the closest one (only 0.1 degree apart between Jupiter and Saturn) compared to the last closest one in 1623 (13 degrees apart). Source: EarthSky

Astrologically, it predicts a drastic shift from the energy of Earth to the one of Air in the coming decades. The energy of Earth is all about the materialistic world view. Everything has a weight and can be measured. It takes significant efforts and time to make things happen. Thus, working hard, living efficiently and producing tangible results are gold.

On the other hand, the energy of Air embodies the idealistic world view. Things are light, happening in concepts, and communicated and spread quickly and widely. Because of the lightness, flexibility and movability, the Air energy helps us to see a situation from an objective or balanced view while the Earth’s view is bound at a location, which may incline to a subjective view.

It is not about which is good or bad. Since we are human beings living on Earth, the Earth’s energy continues to be important in our life. Just the current focus of the Earth’s energy needs to be transformed. The key player of the Earth energy, the planet Earth, is pretty much ignored in the current Earth energy world. In current society, we confuse the Earth energy with Money as a tangible matter though Money is energy not tangible.

This year’s conjunction happening in Aquarius symbolises clearly, by the transit from Capricorn to Aquarius, the energy of the coming hundred years future, the age of Aquarius. It may sound idealistic (Aquarius) but it’s no brainer that the only way that human beings can survive in coming centuries is to cooperate with each other as well with Earth. However, this ‘cooperation’ should not stand on anyone’s sacrifice like the past centuries but should be based on an individual’s uniqueness & expression and community to listen and discuss.

How this Great Conjunction affects individuals depending on your chart. If you want to know more, please let me know.


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