Happy New Moon in Scorpio (tomorrow)!

Today, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, Mars, started to go direct.

🌚🌞 Every Scorpio season gets heavier than other seasons because of the transition to Winter (in the northern hemisphere) and the nature of Scorpio, going deeper.

This New Moon signifies differently to each person but Scorpio equally brings us different themes that individuals need to face deeply.

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is forming favourable aspects (sextile) to this Sun/Moon conjunction (the New Moon) in Scorpio as well as Neptune in Pisces. This encourages us to go super deep within ourselves and our ideals/dreams. By doing this, we’ll find the realistic balance point or next step to expand further in reality.

It may be indicated by Saturn square to Venus (money, relationships matters) and Mercury (communications, biz dealings matters) that you might need to face what you feel uncomfortable with or want to look away from, and take actions for it (Mars square Pluto-Jupiter conjunct Saturn).

Some unexpected communications (Uranus opposing Mercury) or uncomfortable/ difficult dealings may occur due to Saturn pressures us to get serious. It is always good to face Saturn’s challenges. If you run away from his challenge, the issue will get harder and recur until we face it.

These placement affects differently to respective charts. If you are keen on knowing, just let me know. 😉

Take good care of yourself! 😊❤️

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