The power of Jupiter and Pluto

You might be feeling the tremendous power coming from the current position of Jupiter and Pluto. They will be exact conjunct tomorrow evening. Knowing the conjunction of Jupiter & Pluto has already happened twice in 2020 (in early April and the last day of June), you can imagine how the extraordinary year 2020 is!

Both Jupiter and Pluto are symbols of immense power for good or ill. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, optimism and good fortune, but it could symbolise indulgence, exaggeration or over-doing. Pluto is the god of the underworld, which induces our primal energy, ‘death’ or thorough change. Thus, it signifies the desire for power and transformation.

Just looking at these planets, I understand where my agitation is coming from. I feel that some power is pushing me around unexpected directions. They make things expand wilfully (perhaps about covid too). While Jupiter expands with its happy generous nature, Pluto exerts its primal power with a certain obsessive intention in mind ‘to change thoroughly’. Pluto may take over Jupiter’s expansion power to achieve her desire for power and regeneration.

In fact, I’ve been feeling Pluto’s power this past week. I do things not because I feel like it but I ‘need it’. If not, I do not do it. It is almost like “I need it in order to survive”. In the past several years, I’ve been feeling the need for transformation. But I always questioned HOW? I’ve been searching for what it means by ‘transforming’?

This past week, it is suddenly becoming clearer. To me, it means ‘to SURRENDER’. I have to acknowledge that I have no control over the world, social, other’s or even my situations. All I can manage is how I can best make myself happy (Thank god, I still can manage my breathing, health, food, etc if I am serious about it). Other stuff, I just leave it and let it be.

As soon as I noticed it my faith and desire for life started to come back firmer and stronger. This Jupiter-Pluto combination also indicates “enormous drive to achieve s/t superhuman” as well as “the ability to make the impossible possible”. The key is to remember letting the stars do their work where we have no control over.

Photo by Slava on Unsplash

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