What is Power Animal?

Do you feel your Power within?

When we are tired or weak, we feel a lack of Power. Such times, we may get sick or we may feel apathetic. This may be a clear sign that the person is losing the connection with his/her own Power.

In shamanism, it is believed that all human beings were born with Power fully charged. In the path of growing up constantly interacting with people and society, we may get hurt or injured in our Spirit (heart), which causes our Spirit to unconsciously reduce our Power. In busy everyday life, instead of taking time for acknowledging and recharging our energy, we tend to just move forward as if they were unnoticed or insignificant. However, whatever we experienced in life are duly engraved in our Spirit as scars and damages. When they are overly accumulated, it may appear as visible phenomena such as chronicle sickness and depression, while shamanism sees it as Soul Loss.

Since Power is invisible, we do not clearly notice when it drains out. That is why we want to retrieve our inner Power as a conceivable embodiment, Power Animal. By connecting our Power with a particular animal characteristics, it is easier for us to understand the character of our Power (majestic like a lion, swift like a cheetah, etc) and its status (how tired, angry, sad, happy, etc).

Everyone has Power Animal(s). Power Animals always want to help us and live with us. However, they can never come into our life unless we let them in. They are often some warm-blooded animal figures* which we have already met or familiar with.

The first step of shamanism starts with meeting our Power Animal.

*It could be any being. Initially, do not judge but ask shamanic communities.

Photo by Smit Patel on Unsplash

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