Look at karmic issues with the eyes of LOVE

Recently, I’ve been dealing with my own karmic issue…😲 I always felt that I was not good at listening and following my intuition. I felt that my logical mind took over my intuition and blocked it. In the past weeks, some events happened to me showing that I was not listening to my intuition again! When it happens, I become irritated and blame myself harshly why I never get better with it. A few days ago, however, I finally realised that ignoring my intuition is not the core issue but something else should be urgently taken care of.

When ignoring my intuition, I harshly blame myself about it, ‘Why do you never learn?’ Throughout my life, I have created a strange relationship between listening to my intuition and blaming myself, as if it were the matter of win or lose. When I listened well, I felt successful. When I didn’t, I failed. Why should I take it too seriously even to hurt my self-esteem? This attitude to myself is completely diverted from the actual purpose of listening to my intuition and seeing the matter from the eyes of LOVE. I was not looking at myself and the situation through the eyes of LOVE!

In 2020, particularly Oct-Dec, lots of us are experiencing our karmic homework. Many concerns and issues may return to our lives (not limited to covid). When an unfavourable thing happens, we tend to deal with it according to our conventional way or mindset. Now, we are asked to take a moment and look at it deeper if there is any other way to handle it than our conventional way. From my recent experience, I ask you if the point of your issue is the real issue. Perhaps something else may be the core issue. What do you feel if you look at the matter from the eyes of LOVE?

Image of fire by Amador Loureiro in Unsplash

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