Scorpio Sun urges us to face ourselves

Tonight the Sun enters Scorpio (CET 1am on Friday). Since the energy of Scorpio is highly intense, you may have been catching it in the air. Scorpio is perhaps known for striking characters such as passionate, powerful, destructive, deep, etc. These characteristics are coming from its traditional ruler Mars, the god of wars, and modern ruler Pluto, the god of the Underworld. Whatever associating with wars and the underworld are the agendas for Scorpio.

Upon the Sun entering Scorpio tonight, the Moon moves at the exact same degree as Pluto, which makes square to the Scorpio Sun and Aries Mars! OMG, this is explosive magmatic energy! Something heavy, gooey and hidden in the core of earth starts to pour out and destroy whatever has been established outside (Capricorn) with the tensions by Aries Mars (retrograde) and Scorpio Sun.

Opposing Uranus (retrograde) to the Sun and retrograding Mercury may surprise us with unexpected events related with tangible realities (money, materials, nature, etc). If such an event occurs, try to look not at the surfaced issue but the deeper meaning of the event. Why did it occur now at this time? Does it relate with my deepest desire or socially uncomfortable truth? What does it want to tell me?

Scorpio/ Pluto deal with life & death, namely transformation. The key of this time is to face the old wounds, issues and uncomfortable feelings. It is a rare opportunity for humanity to make peace with the past collectively and individually, eventually we may be healed. Be brave. Do not look away. Go deeper into your inner world.

Image: Phoenix by my Artist friend Marie Bech
In the post below, I thought I understood the situation but I didn’t. I underestimated the Pluto influence on us and me. It is going stronger and stronger. Pluto does not like ‘half way’. She likes extremes and doing completely and thoroughly. Otherwise, no transformation will come to us. A Phoenix always rises from its ashes, right? ?

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