Balancing Mars & Venus in everyday life

Happy New Moon in Libra! ? ⚖️

Astrology is all about the connection with nature and the sky. Since Mars has been opposite to the Sun, it has been visible in the sky! This morning, I found an orange glittering star in the Western sky. He was sending me burning energy from afar! ??

The great three stars in Capricorn, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto , are strikingly challenging (square) not only this Libra New Moon but also Aries Mars (retrograde) at opposition to the Sun & the Moon (forming a T-square in the chart). Simultaneously, the placement (the New Moon & Mars) forms a mystic rectangular (trine & sextile) with the South Node & the North Node. It confirms that we are in the process for a great transformation of balancing the qualities (not about the gender) of masculinity (Mars) and femininity (Libra ruled by Venus) in society (Capricorn).

The formation of the great three planets (society) and Aries Mars (self) urges us to make a realistic equilibrium in relationships (Libra) between ourselves and others in everyday life. As previously described, the Libra energy is a great tool to objectively search for other perspectives than our subjective views. The great importance for Libra is balance. In other words, the Libra energy allows conformity to conventional standards and values for not to upset harmony. It may sweep uncomfortable truth under the rug instead of creating havoc in a situation or relationship.

This morning’s Mars clearly tells me that we can keep a beautiful harmony with others (Libra) in society (Capricorn) while being aligned with our inner-world (self, Aries). Our Libra quality needs to go beyond by paying more attention to our inner needs not only other’s and society’s needs.

This year’s star placements are all directed to cleanse our collective and individual karmic imbalance in every dimension of our life and society. The more we are civilised, the more we can intellectually acknowledge the unfairness in society (Libra). Simultaneously, sophistication distances us from the primitive human needs and emotions (Aries). The interference of the great three planets is like a thunderbolt to the tension between Libra (civilised, relationships) and Aries (primal, self), which may intend to bring harmony between the masculinity (yang) and the femininity (yin) qualities to be balanced.

The Western sky this morning at

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