Libra approach to your relationships

Compatibility in astrology is useful. It is a “Libra” approach to relationships. In other words, it is astrological support to understand relationships by weighing things up by taking “the other’s” perspective into consideration, rather than being absorbed in our own perspective in the one-to-one relationship.
Compatibility is not only applied to romantic relationships, but it can be perfectly applied to any relationships with “the Other”, any significant other or whomever you feel a critical connection with positively or negatively, e.g. your relationship with your mother/father, child, boss, co-worker, client, pet ? or anyone or anything that has a birthday!
The coming Libra New Moon on Friday may be a great opportunity to try the “Libra” approach for your relationships with others.
Libra signifies the peak of our refinement, starting to understand other views than ours. From opposing Aries to Virgo, we are gradually building our own identity and perspective to be ME. Libra notices “Oh, there are other people in society. We should take them into consideration.”
What Libra people care the most is to keep an equilibrium between self and others, relationships with other individuals, communities, society, etc. Librans prefer to keep harmony even if they have to compromise. They prefer to maintain peace and grace rather than having dramatic and emotional disputes or fights by pushing their own wishes and disturbing social orders. Too much Libra is not necessarily good in the long run. We have to assert our own needs (Aries), too. It’s all about balance.
If you are stressed or confused in a relationship, you might want to assess it from the other’s perspective and see how you feel and think. Is it understandable and compromisable? Or is it unacceptable?
Image: Thanks to Elena Mozhvilo for sharing their work on Unsplash.

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