Compatibility in astrology

You are perhaps good at communicating with most of the colleagues but one. Have you ever wondered why you feel this particular colleague is challenging? She seems to be also uncomfortable talking with you. This is often referred to as the matter of compatibility in astrology. With some people, we just hit it off. With some people, it takes some efforts just to carry on a small chat.

It may not be so difficult for you to find out the basic birth data of the person in question, i.e. the birth date and year. With the data, we can try to tap into the person’s innate perspective. It never leaves an assumption unless we confirm it with the person but we usually do not want to do it.

The purpose of a compatibility check is NOT to find out or confirm if you can get along with the person or if the person is your soulmate. It should be utilised as a tool to expand your viewpoint about the other person.

We normally look at and judge other people or any situations through our subjective glasses. If you feel that you are stuck in your own thoughts, the compatibility check may give you another perspective on how the person is looking at the same situation. By doing it, you may increase empathy to look through the world in someone else’s shoes, and shed a new light on the relationship.

Image: A rabbit couple at Izumo-taisha, the Izumo Grand Shrine at Shimane, Japan.

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