Think twice before taking chemical medicines

Over 14 years ago, I met Bach flower remedies. It is basically a solution made of water ¾ and brandy ¼ with plant energies. All you need is to take a couple of drops of the solution at a time. Yes, it sounds like a very witchy remedy but this one is really practical. It works for easing our extreme emotional state and touching our very deep inner world.

While homeopathy works for particular sickness or symptoms, flower remedies work for uncomfortable emotional states, e.g. worries, sorrow, anxiety, depression, lack of vitality/ sleep/ focus/ confidence. For example, you are feeling extremely exhausted. You should definitely check up the physical conditions with doctors. If you know that you are feeling deeply exhausted because of a certain situation or a certain event, you might want to try flower remedies first to soften your heart before taking any chemical medicine.

I am writing this because of my experience. I always learn things in a hard way. In the past, I often had stomach cramps. Old me, without listening to my body, thought that I just needed to take a handy stomach pill for a stomach pain and it should be gone. No, it never disappeared or cured. I had recurrence of irregular stomach cramps, sometimes I ended up in an emergency room. No doctors knew why it recurred and prescribed me different types of chemical medicines. After a year, I realised that even taking those medicines gave me sickness and visited other areas of doctors who gave me other types of medicines. I did not know what was wrong with me and my body. We were completely separated.

An old friend of mine told me about her fasting retreat. I decided to join it. In a week of fasting, I started my long journey of reconnecting myself and my body, and it is still ongoing.

I truly believe that we should take chemical medicines only when the body needs them. Only when our body cannot survive from the sickness or injuries without the help of the chemical medicines. Chemical medicines should not be taken for a “quick fix”. A quick fix means that our logical mind wants it fixed by a certain time or date to do things we planned, not the body wants. The body may just want to relax or rest. We confuse the body’s needs with chemicals without considering the later impact to the body would be huge.

Image: A solution bottle of some flower remedies made by me for increasing my focus! ?

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