Which sign should I check on Youtube?

On Youtube, many astrologers and tarot readers post daily, weekly, monthly or yearly astrological forecasts by Zodiac signs. They are great resources for you to reflect and learn about yourself.

However, some of my friends say “I watch my Sun sign but forecasts never match with me.” Those who know that a person has more than the Sun sign ask “Which sign should I watch? Should I also watch my Moon sign and Ascendant sign?” 

The answer is that you should watch a couple of key signs. After all, all the Youtube forecasts are general. No forecast should precisely match you. Nonetheless, it is very useful to reflect your mental and emotional state, especially to name it.  

Firstly, you need to check your Sun sign. The Sun sign is the gift from the sky and easy to find which sign you are in by just browsing through the magazine’s horoscope column. 

Secondly, a bit advanced but, check your Ascendant sign. The Ascendant sign can be found on the left horizon of a natal chart and marked as “Asc”. To create a natal chart, you just Google “western astrology free natal chart”. There are many sites offering you to create one. To know your Ascendant, you need to check your birth time, which might be more tricky than creating one! 😉

Fret not. Without your birth time, you can still make your chart. This chart misses a big piece for a detailed astrological consultation, but it is good enough to know your character or inner world. It will tell you which Zodiac signs are assigned to the planets in your natal chart. 

The next key star (a satellite) is the Moon sign! If the forecast of the Moon sign matches very well and as long as you are happy, I have nothing to comment. However, if you are unhappy in your life and the Moon sign fits your life, you might want to consult with astrologers. 

Once you get a natal chart, you sometimes see some stars flocking together in one sign. That kind of placement may show the sky’s intention to highlight the sign. So you might want to check that in case.

After all, all the Youtube forecasts or fortune tellings are general. Still, you can use it to reflect your inner world by checking which planets are activating in your life by watching different signs for you.

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