Pisces full moon: deep dive into the unconsciousness

Happy Full Moon in Pisces! ? ? Even laypeople talk about how the full moon affects their emotions. It seems very natural because the earth (we) is ‘sandwiched’ or polarised between the Sun and the Moon energies!
Since the Moon moved to Pisces, we are pulled towards the energies of Pisces, while the Sun has been in Virgo. This Pisces Moon is particularly powerful because it is beside the sign’s ruler Neptune in Pisces! ? Pisces is the sign of dreams, imagination and mysticism. As Neptune is the famous god of the sea, it has no limit or restriction, receiving, accepting and engulfing anything in its vast ocean of unconditional love and unconsciousness.

On the other hand, Virgo is an extremely ‘practical’ sign in reality. Virgo is logical, practical and realistic. Virgo likes to think about practical details and handle them thoroughly (perfectionist), and help others as if it were Virgo’s mission. As Virgo is ruled by Mercury, her actions are determined by thoughts, not intuitions.
Though the image of Virgo is a virgin, astrologically speaking, its energy belongs to masculinity (the Air element: mind-oriented). Pisces’ energy is femininity (the Water element: emotions, intuitions).
I must emphasise again and again. It is not about ‘bad’ or ‘good’. We have been imprinted that the nature of ‘femininity’ is the sign of weakness while the nature of ‘masculinity’ is right and proper in this 3rd dimensional world. It is all about BALANCE and moderation, in Buddhism, they call it ‘the middle way’.
Actually, illusory Pisces is considered the most ‘impractical’ nature in reality among the 12 zodiac, particularly compared with practical Virgo. Thanks to modern psychology, however, we know that our actions or thoughts are based on or controlled by the hidden unconsciousness. If we do not take care of our Pisces calling, our Virgo starts to act practical but quite meaningless, just doing things to kill time in life. ⭐️
Photo by Silas Baisch on Unsplash

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