Moving towards the Great Conjunction

Astrology is built upon a philosophy “As above. So below”, that is whatever happens in the macrocosmos mirrors or affects us on earth, in the micro level, and vice versa. Today Jupiter started to move forward. I feel like one of the wheels started to move towards the biggest event of all in 2020, the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in December. On the 21st of December (CET 19:20), Jupiter and Saturn will align in the sky from the earth’s perspective. This phenomenon happens about every 20 years. Astrologically, which zodiac sign it will happen shows the ‘logos (meaning)’ of the coming 20 years and the possible course of the future.
In Western astrology, it is considered to happen in the sign of Aquarius, an air element, and to bring the characteristics of Aquarius to our society and life. Aquarius represents idealism, humanitarian, independence, individuality, technology, innovation and unconventionality. Aquarius is also related with the sky, the universe and space (astrology & astronomy) because it is ruled by Uranus, the god of the sky. The energy of Aquarius brings people together with like-minded or interest such as clubs and NGOs. It empowers broader networks but it won’t bond individuals into one tribe or group, nor put heavy obligations to stay a member like a conventional membership mentality. Freedom is the most vital value for Aquarius. Aquarians want to cooperate as long as their freedom is ensured.
I am feeling that this is the key agenda which our coming 20-year will face. We need to cooperate and work together for the earth and our future. However, our individuality should not be sacrificed in the name of tribe or group or cooperation, which we human beings have been doing for centuries. Our cooperation will be sustainable only on the sound foundation that we recognise and accept each other’s individuality and difference (shining our Sun).
On the 29th September, another wheel of the Great Conjunction, Saturn, will also go direct in Capricorn. Patriarchy society, structure, traditional values, etc. will be strongly highlighted once again before the era of Aquarius starts in December.
Photo by Greg Rakozy in Unsplash

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