Stay with the star guide – Continuing the half price!

Thank you for all your support to my service, Astro Coaching! Thank you to my Clients who tried this service with me during the summer. ?
I’m letting you know that I continue the half price (250 kr per 45 min) during September, too! ?
During the summer, I realised that, at least, 3 sessions with me would be beneficial for the receivers of my Astro Coaching. Since Coaching is the process to help you construct your path (and Astrology is a new language for most of my clients), it takes some time for Stars to sink in your life. ⭐️
  • In the 1st session, the focus is on your environment & agenda. You may get confused by my astro jargons, as well as contradictory characters which I may explain about you.
  • In the 2nd session, please bring your questions to me after reflecting the 1st session. That will make our talk more deeper.
  • In the last session, we could talk about your imagined future or something we needed but missed to talk about, to conclude your first astro journey.
There is not much difference between one-time and 3 times because I do anyway in the way I do for the 3-time sessions. All you need is to tell me if you want to continue at the end of each session. Then, I will give you homework for you to work on until next time.
If you are interested in the service, please take a look at my slides in Youtube and contact me from Contact.
Enjoy the remaining warm Sunshine! ?
And, get ready for the beautiful autumn… ???

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