Want to live like your Sun or Moon?

Early tomorrow morning, the New Moon ? is happening in Leo. ? Every sign and planet is important for our inner world making, but particularly Leo is vital because it is ruled by the Sun ?, the centre of the solar system. Thus, in astrology, the Sun represents our vitality, the core of our being. ?❤️
The Sun sign is the main gift from the sky to make us shine in our life. In other words, if we are not living like our Sun sign, we might feel lack or frustration that something is missing in our life or we’re not fully expressing ourselves to the outer world.
Being a cultural analyst and having lived in different countries, I retrospectively noticed the cultural influence of each country on my Sun and Moon signs. In Japan, society made me use a lot of my Moon sign but I had ways to show my Sun in a reserved manner. In the US, I was constantly pressed to show my Sun side, which was initially exhausting but later it was liberating. In Sweden where I live now, especially after starting Astro Coaching, it came to my attention that many of my clients were living in their Moon signs, including myself. I have not proved it yet but the cultural heritage in Nordic countries called Jantelagen might be related to it. Basically, this cultural notion defines ‘Don’t think you are special’, telling people the very opposite of what the Sun sign guides us.
If we overly express ourselves, we know how it appears in society by seeing the situation of the US. But if we suppress our expressions, individuals get depressed. It is crucial to know and maintain the balance between the Sun and the Moon signs as I wrote in the previous post.
Interestingly, in Sweden, this New Moon in Leo is happening in the first house of the chart, which shows ‘the way we approach life’. The New Moon is the time when the Sun and the Moon overlap from the earth’s view, and the Moon disappears because of the Sun’s brightness. The New Moon is also powerfully supported by Mars (Trine) at MC (the cusp of the 10th house), our ambition and achievement in society.
Get to know your yang (the Sun) and yin (the Moon) and make the balance in your inner world. ❤️

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