We are perfect

Do you believe ‘we are perfect as we are’? Whenever I see some quotes like “You are perfect as you are”, I honestly didn’t get it because there are other quotes like “Nobody is perfect” which is much easier to understand.

Something happened to me last week since now I feel I got it. It is not about if I believe it or not. It is the law of nature. Non-perfect does not exist in nature as long as we are organic beings.

After my regular walk in Lund’s Stadsparken, I stopped to stretch my legs in front of a big pot of plants. I chose the spot because the whole pot looked beautiful from a distance. At close, I realised that there were many various kinds of flowers and greens. They were totally different from each other! It was beautiful as a whole from a distance but now I was amazed by how different and unique each plant was!

I was fascinated by the shape, colour and balance of each plant because each one of them was perfect as it was! Somehow it struck me very deep! 😮 Why can’t I accept myself as I am? (like I am one of the perfect plants?) Why don’t we accept others as they are? (like I appreciate these different plants?) Why do we always try to modify ourselves and others? (like Do I want to change the size, shape or colour of these plants? No!!!)

Human beings are part of nature (organic beings) on Earth. All plants and animals that are part of nature are perfect as they are. Therefore, human beings are perfect.

Then, why and when do we say “Nobody is perfect”? Because there is a judgment in ourselves and by others. We become ‘imperfect’ when we judge ourselves or others based on the judging person’s or society’s criteria which is not universal nor organic but personal and partial. The ultimate truth is that we are perfect as long as we are human beings and how perfect babies are (because we are like plants). Relative to others or artificial social norms makes us imperfect. Or when we forget we are human beings, that we are part of nature, we become imperfect.

Nobody complains that the giraffes’ necks are too long. ?


Image: The plant pot at Stadsparken in Lund

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