Declutter our inner world

The biggest challenge for many of us is perhaps ‘releasing’ or ‘letting go’. They are just nicer words for throwing away or dumping. I have been really bad at it until recently. I have been trying to improve my skills for decluttering both home and emotional baggages.

Just recently I started to feel what is about. We know that clutters at home or in emotions are there but we do not know how to throw away. That’s why Konmari or getting a support for decluttering home is such a trend now.

How about your emotional clutters? As to home clutters, many things are physical objects and visible. As to emotional clutters, they are invisible and do not occupy your physical space so we do not realise how much they are occupying our emotional or mental space.

Firstly, we want to know how our inner world looks like. We need to know a clear ‘before’ picture how messy the inner home is. Secondly, identify the clutters. Which emotions or thoughts do not serve us anymore? Lastly, decide to release or throw away these thoughts and emotions.

I call this process ‘inner world-making’ because it is hard to start decluttering if we do not know how your inner home looks like and what to get rid of to have an ideal inner world.

To prepare for the new era after 2020, it is vital for us to focus on consciously and firmly doing it during 2020.

Image by Wonderlane on Unsplash (Not my office or room! ??)

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