How to let go

“Just letting go” is easy to say but hard to do. From my experience for decades, I assure you it’s not easy to get a grip on what it means by ‘letting go’ or ‘releasing’ and how to actually do it.

First of all, we need to put aside a belief that some miraculous event or healing will happen for us to shed all the non-need over a night. Simultaneously, I believe that healers or events do exist on earth that can make a miracle. Unfortunately, not everyone including me has the opportunity to encounter such healers or events. Besides, to have a sustainable effect, it’s better we exclude this belief as our first option. Then, what can we do as of now?

Letting-go is deeply connected with the previous post of ‘We are perfect.’ Letting go is all about releasing your attachments. (Astrologically, there are signs which tend to attach to certain things, e.g. past memories, people, events, money, objects, or anything.) When we are unconsciously feeling or accumulating thoughts of imperfection, we clutter ourselves with overwhelming amounts of such attachments.

How much work of releasing we need is really up to how much we truly appreciate who we are. If we are not feeling complete or fulfilled, how can we let go of something filling our insecurity as of now? In our life, we are naturally releasing what no longer serves when empowerment happens to us. The transactions between empowerment and letting-go are happening at our unconscious level. Thus, those who want to release consciously need a certain level of commitment to do this work. It is a serious work.

For those who are committed to letting go, I recommend starting a ‘trigger journal’. It’s like a diary but you only write when your emotions are triggered by something. E.g. You get suddenly irritated by a trivial comment by a certain person. You write it down. You analyse it why it gets on your nerves. This work requires to be continuously and consciously attentive to your subtle emotions because such affects (emotions) are the first step to tap into your unconscious feelings and thoughts.

Today Chiron starts retrograde and retrograding Mercury in Cancer is stationary. It indicates to me a deep emotional work which might help us to prepare for the deeper Mercury retrograde in Scorpio later this year.

Image: The sunset sky from my apartment 🙂

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