Capricorn Full Moon

Happy Full Moon in Capricorn! ? During 2020, the polarity between archetypes of Father (Capricorn) and Mother (Cancer) has been highlighted and having a tension throughout the year. In astrology, Capricorn represents masculinity including society, government, tradition, etc. while femininity including home, family, security, etc. During the eclipse season in 2020, it is extremely self-evident. If you remember the last New Moon, it happened in Cancer. Now the Full Moon is happening in Capricorn, and another New Moon will happen in Cancer within a month! :-O

This is a clear message from the Universe: “Is the balance between femininity and masculinity just? If not, it should be adjusted.” This masculinity and femininity matter has been and will be more and more vital to create the world after the corona crisis. A pitfall of this is to dichotomise this polarity as if a completely different elements. We have to leave the old thoughts. We need both. All we have to do is to bring back an equilibrium. It seems very difficult for human beings. Just the past thousands of years, we focused too much on masculine values. Now it is over, which is being executed by the planets in Capricorn right now (Pluto, Saturn & Jupiter). The Moon today is transmitting the energy from them to earth.

Yesterday, my crazy friends and I went to Kåseberg (Ale stenar) to embody this Full Moon! ? It was rough! ?? No Sun nor Moon. Rain, clouds and wind. That was beautiful! ☄️ All I needed on Full Moon day was ‘cleansing’. Nobody comes to Ales stenar on such a day except those who are called or surfers! ?? hahaha

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