Cancer Mercury goes retrograde

Unordinary days ahead! Today, Mercury started retrograding in Cancer which prepares for Summer Solstice and the New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Cancer over the weekend. We have already seen some influence from this Mercury retrograde in the air. Things get slow down, esp. communication and transportation, even the spread of the COVID-19! From this weekend to early July, events happening in the sky are extremely powerful. There is no good or bad with the placements. It is only determined by those who judge them based on their situations. The energy of the sky induces us for further changes and being flexible.

The Cancer Moon is the powerful embodiment of femininity (because the rulership/guardian of Cancer is the Moon). Every New Moon is the time when the Sun, the embodiment of masculinity, overlaps with the Moon, namely when the femininity and masculinity are integrated. With Solar Eclipse, it is rather symbolic that femininity overwhelming masculinity! Yeah! It’s time to balance. Especially this year, Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn (Saturn will soon join them again) is forming a distinctive polarity between the theme of Cancer (our inner world: home, emotions, nurturing) and Capricorn (our external world: career, authority, society).

When energy is intense or strong, how do we know it? The energy is invisible. All we have to do is to listen to ourselves, namely our day-to-day bodily senses, emotions and moods. It is extremely vital in 2020! If you are not good at knowing your emotions, focus on your bodily senses how your bodies react in a certain situation, e.g. your back tensed, your stomach ached, or you felt dizziness, etc. Bodies are the accurate antenna for our deep intuition.

Over this weekend, I fully recommend to take firstly good care of yourself (nobody else) and be aware how you respond to the energy shift and if they need any caring and nurturing which requires any actions. If you don’t listen, the energy shift may be felt more and more weird or challenging to adjust later on.

18 June – Mercury starts retrograde (until 12 July not including the non-shadow periods)
20 June – The Sun moves to Cancer – Summer solstice
21 June – Solar Eclipse / New Moon in Cancer
23 June – Neptune starts retrograde
25 June – Venus goes Direct
28 June – Mars moves to Aries (and stays for 6 months!)
30 June – Jupiter conjunct in Pluto, The Moon at perigee
2 July – Saturn moves back again to Capricorn!
5 July – Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon in Capricorn

Image: The solar eclipse (Leo) in August 2017 when I was participating in an astrology summer course at Exeter College in Oxford.

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