Rising from the ashes

I just want to say:
For a few day, my sleep has been deprived due to the intensity in the sky, especially Pluto’s movement.

Pluto has been stationary and now goes retrograde. ‘Stationary’ is literally ‘parked’ at the same place and now started moving backwards. Pluto forces us to look back our memories and lessons learned, people and events in the past. We thought we have learned such lessons and released such memories of relationships and events, which just happened recently or it could be very long time ago, perhaps even going back to our past lives (in case of karmic agenda).

For me, March/April has been quite tough because I needed to face my bad old habits. Somehow I could take back my inner compass since mid April. But Pluto powerfully underlined me yesterday that her lessons continue until 4th October by coincidentally (on purpose?) encountering someone in the past on the street!

For those who is having an extremely tough time now, please remember. Yes, Pluto does this very brutally but she also promises a new fresh seed within us as long as we wish to be re-born.

My heart is with a dear friend who lost her beloved father this morning by Covid-19.

Image: An artwork by Marie Bech (Thank you so much, my dear friend)
Phoenix is an embodiment of Pluto. The life rises from the ashes.

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