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One day late Full Moon post! ???

On the Full Moon in Scorpio yesterday, it was a milestone of my new path. The final exam seminar of my two-year Master’s programme was completed (except completing the thesis by summer). For my case, it perfectly corresponds to the Full Moon in Scorpio! When my 12-year cycle started (when Jupiter was in my first house between Oct 2017 to Nov 2018), I decided to choose this path and enrolled in university. With yesterday’s Full Moon, I was urged to go back to my initial intention I made a few years ago and to review it.

The Full Moon is always an optimal time to shed excesses which longer serve us. Now it’s time to select what I want to focus and dive deeper (Scorpio). They must be something genuinely I like and passionate about (Pluto). I believe astrology is one of them! ?

How was your Full Moon yesterday? The Moon now is already in Sagittarius but it was super moon so that many people got affected by it in different ways.

If you want to know how it fits into your life (everyone is different that’s why we are born on earth), I am happy to decode your life’s seasons and calendar with a private Coaching session. Read more: Astro Coaching

Image: My beloved friend tree in front of my apartment

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