Live a day like your whole life

What’s cooking in the sky? Almost every moment in 2020 is special and dramatic. I’m not saying we are on a collective ascetic practice but the saying by a late buddhist monk Yusai Sakai “Live a day like your whole life” may be helpful for us to ride out 2020. Instead of thinking about our future , live today fully and live a fresh life tomorrow.

Today the Sun entered Taurus! Happy Birthday month for Taureans. 🙂 The Sun is joining Uranus (the planet of ‘sudden change’) which has been in Taurus, and followed by the Moon on Wednesday.

Not only the Sun and the Moon are the most vital personal celestial bodies but the sign of Taurus signifies our bodily experiences (five senses), our immediate environment (the nature) and objects in the 3rd dimensional world (our values, money). They come closer (conjunction) to Uranus in Taurus, which may indicate that some sudden change may be experienced in the Taurus areas.

For this Taurus New Moon, I personally would like to pay attention to my physical needs (feel-good with healthy food & good sleep) and gratitude particularly for farmers who work with lands and the weather (the nature).

I’ve been thinking a lot about this since this corona situation happened. Even under the panic purchasing toilet papers, the food (incl. imported vegetables) is constantly supplied in super markets even from Spain, Italy or France where the situation got worse. As well as the utilities (clean water, elect.), I am so grateful that I am not worrying about the food and utilities.

In addition, the Sun and the Moon are challenged (square) by the long period conjunction of Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn, which are the major force for the current suffering of the society (though it’s ‘restructuring’ for the better from planets’ perspective). Later this week, Pluto will go retrograde. Mmmm…. a lot.

NOTE: Yusai Sakai is known for his rare achievement completing twice the kaihōgyō, an ascetic practice “circling the mountain” for a 1000 days in a mountain.

Image: Photo by Pascal van de Vendel on Unsplash

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