Super Full Moon in Libra 2020

Around 4am yesterday, I was woken up by this glowing Moon (pic)! My living room was very bright because of the illumination of the Moon! On the sofa, I looked up and bathed in the ray of the glorious Moon for a while.

Amazingly, I’ve been much more energised and focused this week than last week. How are you feeling?

This full moon opposition is underlining the tension between the self (the Sun in Aries) and the other (the Moon in Libra), both are challenged by the powerful Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. The other means someone in one-to-one relationship (significant other, business partner, etc).

To me, it resonates with what I’ve been feeling in the last few weeks. This placement seeks the genuine partnerships, not the one based on co-dependency but the collaboration of two independent souls. The challenge by Jupiter-Pluto makes us face deep cleansing of even old ‘karmic’ imbalances in relationships to prepare for the coming centuries (Jupiter).

In case you are with someone (any particular person, significant other, business partner, etc) for a long time, Jupiter-Pluto may powerfully challenge you asking ‘Is the energy you use for yourself and for your partner balanced?’ ‘Are you sincerely happy to be with the person? Are you with that person just because you cannot face to be alone?’

In case you are single and too sad to be alone, Jupiter-Pluto may ask ‘This time is given to look at yourself thoroughly. Are you facing your own demons? Do you know who you are?’

In case you are single for a long time, being completely satisfied with your single life, Jupiter-Pluto may ask ‘Don’t you want to collaborate with someone? Isn’t it the time to trust someone? You may be able to create something bigger.’

As we don’t have mandatory self-quarantine or social distancing in Sweden, it is really up to individuals how to respond to this situation. While some are bravely facing themselves based on given scientific information, some are still flocking in the park or cafe socialising as usual.

It’s a big challenge for human beings to be isolated but, I hope, we should consider and use this time wisely. It may be given to us to prepare for the new world after the corona storm. In an unknown time, facing to ourselves becomes a vital foundation for us to know how we want to behave and live in it. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is intense because they want us to be extremely honest with ourselves, in this moment about the balance between selfhood and partnership.

As always, the full moon is the time to let go whatever no longer serves us. 🙂

PS This full moon looks bigger and brighter because it is happening with perigee when the Moon comes closest to the Earth.

PS The last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction occurred in mid 1918 in the sign of Cancer, actually when the Spanish flue spread all around the world after the first World War.

Image: The Moon from my living room

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