the energy of Aquarius

A good friend asked me about Aquarius what kind of energy it emobidies. Is it like a beehive? Perhaps it could be like a beehive if we could perfectly working together! My image of Aquarius is more a network where different individuals finding commonality and working together for a purpose.

Aquarian’s energy for a person is like Indigo children or revolutionists. They have high ideals and hopes, and power to change the world based on their idea of freedom and equality for humanity, not for the personal gain. Aquarians highly value equality and fairness. They are far-sighted and almost “know” what the future holds. Therefore, they know the importance of working together as collective by overcoming differences. Friends, community, clubs, network or social tribes in which you share the same interest belong to Aquarius.

They may sound like “beehive” only if it functions well. Aquarian energy puts us to the direction of working together or forces us to think “we are on the same boat”, not necessarily we are harmoniously working together like bees. To be a part of a machine, our uniqueness or individuality needs to be sacrificed or reduced. Aquarius could demand such situation because it focuses so much on the collective.

The major contradiction of Aquarius is that it values freedom more than any other signs. They are not happy to be forced to be in the beehive as a bee. It always want to have a choice to be free! They work with other bees as collective but they need distance from other bees.

As to the relation between Saturn entering Aquarius and coronavirus, I agree with Astrologer Nadiya Shah (after listening to some astrologers). The current situation being socially distanced, yet this situation impresses us strongly that we are part of humanity on the earth. On top of that, we are connected by technology which is dealt by Aquarius.

Image: By Elsa Beskow “Tomtebobarnen (Bonnier Carlsen)” – scanned from a postcard – Nature know how to work together!

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