an Aquarius learning

Tonight Mars also enters Aquarius at approx. 21:45 CET, which is like a spicy snippet of an era of Aquarius in coming years.

Current “social distancing” yet connected with technology (internet, digital devices, etc) is a very area which Aquarius specialises. Many of human beings may be awaken by the current critical situation that we are on the same boat and human beings need to cooperate to survive (Aquarius). Social status/fame/money nor authority/government cannot secure us (Capricorn), instead we fall in a place valuing our “home/family/ancestors” (Cancer), the core of our physical beings on the earth.

By Mars entering Aquarius, the energy of Aquarius increases. More and more cooperations and collaborations may take places throughout nearest friend groups, communities and the society. Many humanitarian initiatives are already spreading and may ‘pressure’ us to get on board.

A few days ago, I received a message to my Instagram account from a friend saying “you HAVE TO post an embarrassing picture of yourself…You MUST send this message to everyone who liked your picture.” I was startle by the message and the tone of his expression. Not only I felt tricked or punished by the friend by doing good for him (liking his photo), but it brought me negativity instead of fun like old-time ‘chain mail’. I was quite determined not to spread this. How can you spread something what you felt bad!?

Simultaneously, this was a great teaching for me in understanding the era of Aquarius. As found in the Capricorn-Cancer polarity, Aquarius is opposed to Leo (how we shine our own speciality, how we believe in ourselves). This polarity was much signified by the incident of the chain message. Aquarius has two ruler planets Uranus and Saturn, which are very serious and imposing ones. Aquarius could pressure us responsibility for humanity, being the same with others, or working selflessly for others.

In the name of ‘doing good’ ‘cooperation’ or ‘humanitarian’- Can we force anything on individuals? NEJ. We always have a choice not to do. In human history, we’ve had enough lessons that individuals were sacrificed in the name of tribes, communities and societies. The polarity is teaching us it’s not black or white but about balance. Whatever we engage in, we need to judge with our own values not anyone else’s values. Depending on how much we progressively grow as collective conscious, our future will be determined.

Image: a painting by me!

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