living in the Solar System

While Mercury (the planet of intelligence & communications) is going through Aquarius, the Sun moved into Aquarius yesterday. It’s an optimal time to ponder upon the outer sky, especially our home the Solar System!

Together with the Great Conjunction in December 2020, this is like a preparation before Pluto moving into Aquarius in 2024. Over a decade, the Plutonic destructive energy has been working in Capricorn which stands for reality, traditions, patriarchy, structures, responsibility, etc in every level of our life – our inner (mental & emotional) and outer life (society, politics, etc). The era of Aquarius will bring us more awareness to our being as a part of the Solar System, ultimately the Universe.

In a mundane horoscope, Aquarius characters are often described as innovative (technology), revolutionary, idealistic, detached, humanitarian, etc. because it is ruled by the sky god, Uranus, which represents not limited to earth but the wider space, as well as something abrupt and unconventional.

We know the concept of heliocentrism (we are living in a small planet called earth in the Solar System) but not many people concern about other planets in their daily life. Our society or mentality is completely structured based on our subjective views – geocentrism – considering our own gain and convenience. (The mentality of colonising other planets sounds really familiar like repeating the old patterns!) In the coming decades, we may be more required to think holistically, even including the space. Such events may occur more and more…

Astrology is a great tool to make the unfamiliar sky familiar!

Image: NASA – ‘Mini-Me’ Solar System

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