2020, the year of ‘detoxing’

Since Monday, I am crying a lot without any reason. Before going to bed, when I was reading a book, a strong surge of emotions came to me to cry. After crying I feel good. I know many of you may diagnose me as ‘depression’ just because I cry. Sadly the modern society considers crying is something negative or we should not have. For me, crying is to release emotions, which is to ‘detox’ myself.

Whomever did a consultation with me prior to 2020, you’ve probably heard that I said “2020 will be significant because the end of the old era and a dot point of the new era.” It’s nothing ‘psychic’ or ‘fortunetelling’ about it. I just looked up the almanac called astrology. Among astrologers it has been a common sense that 2020 would be the end/beginning of our world from the galactic sense, but none of them knew it would have been so drastic and powerful like we are experiencing right now.

This morning the word ‘detox’ came to my mind. Yes, 2020 is the peak of the years of ‘detoxing’ our world. Since 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn, we have been experiencing lots of detoxing (see the world news). Pluto is the most powerful star next to the Sun. As the asteroid is located furthest in the Solar System, it was named after Hades, the Grecian god of the underworld, namely death. Since the end of 2008, Pluto has been going back and forth in the sign of Capricorn which signifies society, structure, government, patriarchy, pragmatism, etc. for the collective sense, and ambition, responsibility, tradition, etc. for the personal sense.

The ‘tangible detox’ will go on until 2024 when Pluto moves in Aquarius, which doesn’t mean that coronavirus will go on until 2024, but the whole restructuring of the society itself and our relation to it will go on. The society built on the pragmatic capitalism is asked to profoundly ‘detoxing’ until 2024 but there are many peaks in 2020 with certain star placements in the sky which stimulate the process of detoxing.

One of the highlights is the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction happening 3 times in 2020. The first one occurs tomorrow or tonight at CET. Jupiter (Zeus) being with Pluto (Hades)…mmm… It’s an extremely powerful combination if you find one in a personal chart. Anything could happen. Jupiter is a god of rough thunder and lightening but he is the word origin of ‘jovial’ and abundance, together with Pluto, the nature of Pluto could expand, good and bad.

The key here is to remember the influence by planetary gods or stars. Don’t be inflated by the fear among us but remember the ‘detoxing’ process we are experiencing now. We do detox for our body because we want to have a healthier body. We accumulate lots of junks without our intention. The body screams ‘I cannot take it anymore!’ That’s what is happening right now in our world.

Image by me: Trying to detox with a vinegar drink, a gift from a good friend in Japan! Yes, it’s a great time for personal detoxing inside out throughout 2020!

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