2024 Jupiter Uranus conjunction

From the evening of the 20th to the morning of the 21st (in EU & Japan) the planet of expansion, faith and optimism will meet the Great Awakener in the sky! 💥

This is called a conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in the same direction from the Earth’s perspective. This phenomenon itself is not rare as it happens every 10-12 years, but both being in Taurus will take place after 83 years. 

As I often suggest, let’s look back at what happened in the last cycle. As 83 years is a long time, not many of us were born or remember what happened in 1941 in human history. However, we can guess that the atmosphere in the world may have been gloomy and fearful, a bit like it is now. 

I am NOT writing this text to frighten you, but to SHAKE you UP! 

The sky clearly indicates similarity and difference. 

Taurus, ruled by Venus, signifies the tangible physical world, especially the possession of money and land. In 1941, Jupiter and Uranus in stubborn Taurus, asserting “my own property and assets”, were challenged by Mars in Aquarius, the planet of war. The sky also indicated the support of many major planets to increase the rigidity of their own rights. 

Things look different in 2024. 

For society, the sky indicates chaos and hope in the tangible physical world for human transformation. Yet, Pisces Mars, together with Pisces Saturn and Neptune, weakens its original power. It is more indirect and inward. It can feel like a struggle with the shadow or the invisible, requiring frustration and patience, and eventually leading to forgiveness and healing. 

Individually, sudden events can bring sudden expansion for good or bad. So it’s very important to remember that wherever we focus, energy flows and expands. Let us be mindful and selective about what we focus on, strengthening the directions we want to go. After all, the world we are in is created by our perspectives within us.

Then ask yourself: “How can I effectively use the combined energy of Uranus’ innovative, rebellious, objective insights and Jupiter’s optimistic, visionary enthusiasm to overcome this situation in my daily life?”

Happy Awakening Weekend! ✨☄️⚡️💥🔥

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