Transformation comes step by step

In astrology, time is not linear but cycle (and spiral). Though human beings invented clocks, time itself does not have digits. In reality, we are in an uncertain flow of space. We feel time relative to shifts around us. Thanks to nature, we see obvious shifts in spring. The sun ray started to be stronger and the day started to be longer! (if you are in the northern hemisphere!)

The Spring Equinox last Saturday was the astrological new cycle of the Sun. What seeds did you sow? Did anything start to bud already? Don’t worry. Don’t rush into the hype of spring. If you know how butterflies emerge from chrysalis, they are never in a rush. Firstly, tearing out the chrysalis is messy and takes lots of efforts. As soon as they are out, they are still wet. They have to dry the wings before flying. Take time to get ready.

Since yesterday, Venus has also moved into Aries, which fuels the energy of bursting and initiating. The time on the clock is the same as last month but the relative time makes us agitate to move forward and take actions. My tree friend told me “Stop if you are not sure (about your next step).”

I have not posted much in March. In the Pisces season, I tend to retreat, submerging into an ocean of unconsciousness. It is usually time to stop for me and get ready for the solar cycle. Even after a new cycle starts, we can always stop and breathe to see which way to go. We are not machines but living beings who have intentions.

Photo by Bankim Desai on Unsplash

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