Spring cleansing time!

Today (on March 3rd), it is the girl’s festival day called ‘Momo-no-sekku’ or ‘Hina-matsuri’ in Japan. Families with girls usually display elaborated traditional dolls and eat special food for the day at home. However, the original purpose of this tradition was not a happy girl’s festival but a ‘purification’ of energies to protect children from sickness and evil. Old days, the dolls were released in the stream of rivers or the waves of the ocean, instead of displaying at home!

Interestingly, this is so resonating even with the Astro calendar of this season.

In astrology, the New Year or the new cycle of the Sun starts at the Spring Equinox (20th March) when the Sun enters the sign of Aries in the sky. The period just before the Equinox, when the Full Moon in Virgo (purification) occurs & the Sun is in Pisces (water, the sea, healing), is considered the season of purifying, cleansing and healing.

Over the Full Moon in Virgo (the last weekend), I have been busy with cleaning my home and myself (taking bath, etc). Also, I was practically looking at what needs to be organised and cleansed (let go). The process is still continuing until around the Spring Equinox to start a new cycle.

The Astro dates are like a calendar reminding us how energy shifts in the Sky. Stars constantly exist and are moving through their own paths (orbits). Each moment, they create various dynamics with Earth and each individual. The perception of the season could be varied, person to person. The key for Astro dates is not if the stars and the sky are telling us the right things but if we are sensitive enough to feel our physical & energy shifts.

In order to keep our sensitivity, we definitely need the major yearly purification and cleansing, the Spring Cleaning time inside out!

Image from Togyoku website


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