Mars & Uranus conjunction in Taurus

If you are feeling restless, you may be reflecting the vibe in the air. Somehow, the US Inauguration Day is set for one of major “unexpected event” days in 2021. It is known that the founders, old days elites, of the USA chose its founding day or other important days based on astrology! (For those who belonged to secret societies, astrology has been part of their knowledge, magic and power.) So, it might be just a natural course.

To be frank, I would not choose this exact day for my Inauguration Day if I were Joe Biden. The waxing half Moon in Aries has a great energy to bud a new project but the vibe in the Sky is too explosive and prone to a sudden change for something tangible or in reality, like the image of earthquakes.

From the Sky’s perspective, whatever happens is to keep equilibrium and every step leads to today, no deterministic or pessimistic perspective. Our individual intentions create the vibe in the air and society, which is just reflected by outer space and the Universe.

Let’s keep our vibe chill and peaceful.

Astro description: In modern astrology, it is not that the planets influence us but we are reflecting our vibe to the planet’s movements. Today the Sun moves into Aquarius which makes a powerful ally to the powerful conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn. As soon as the Moon moves into Taurus tomorrow, Mars & Uranus make an exact conjunction in Taurus, which simultaneously creates a square to the Aquarius allies + Pluto still in Capricorn.

Greeting Card by Glen Baxter 😊

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