Uranus goes direct today :-o

Uranus (Taurus) goes direct + Sun & Pluto (Capricorn) conjunct
= Stress for a major change…?

I couldn’t find a short word last night which replaces Uranus’ symbolic words “upheavals” or “sudden events” to a less scary word… 😆 It could have been “shocks” or just 😲 !!!

Uranus, the planet of sudden events, has been retrograding since mid August 2020 in the sign of Taurus (in reality, finance, the earth). Today it stops for a moment and moves forward from the Earth’s perspective. This gives an extra stress to the current dilemma of ‘wanting’ or ‘fearing’ to change emotionally, mentally and in reality (Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus square to Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius)!

Now it may be felt like a dilemma or stress. When situations are saturated, they may be prone to sudden shocks…

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