To forgive is another word or action which I could not digest for many years. For spiritually enlightened souls, unforgiveness is one of the primary no-no matters. We are supposed to forgive and release with unconditional love. Some part of me knows that whoever was born on earth to experience ‘partial love’. Unconditional love (excluding parenting love) may eventually come when the time comes during or after our life on earth, or never.

If someone does bad to me, how can I forgive him or her? Particularly in romantic relationships, I have a good deal of experiences to be hurt, which caused me ‘unconscious’ unforgiveness to the counter-parts and, more worse, to myself. With various exercises like meditations, I have tried to release and forgive all sorts of people and events. Until recently, I had concluded such matters as “human beings are imperfect, so are others and myself. It is stupid to expect them too much. The best possible solution is to forget.”

When I noticed ‘we are all perfect’, something shifted. If the law of nature is ‘we are perfect’, even the horrible guys in the past or the mean boss (whom I hated the most), they were all perfect as they were! Gosh! They don’t even realise that they are perfect. They were constantly irritated by themselves because of their own negative thoughts. That was why they were not nice to me. If they are perfect, I have to accept that ‘I am also fully perfect and complete’ as I was and as I am. Quite strangely, I feel a big empowerment to myself by accepting others’ perfection. I don’t know how to put it precisely for now but it is like by increasing the value for others, I actually increase my value.

Forgiveness is no longer something I forcefully grant to others. It naturally fell when genuine empowerment within myself occurred. The core of the forgiveness process is to fully understand if ‘I am perfect’, in other conventional words, if ‘I forgive myself’.

Photo by me at Kamakura, Japan

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