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“I am Leo but whatever written in its horoscope never matches me,” someone said. When we say “I am Leo ?”, most of the time we are talking about our Sun sign ?, which means where the Sun was when we were born. If astrologers are dealing with only the Sun sign, all human beings can be categorised into twelve archetypes only! ?Is whoever born in the same Leo period of the Sun naturally confident and wants to be the centre of attention? That is scary! ?

Astrology deals with over 10 planets including the Sun. Our Natal Chart is a snapshot of the whole sky above and below where those planets were located when we were born. It is a magical map because it gives you the answer such as “Why are you not so Leo though you were born in late July – mid Aug?”

If the Sun sign does not fit you and you feel lost in life, it may be beneficial for you to check your Natal Chart or talk to some astrologer. If you are not living like your Sun sign, there is a risk that you are missing out from becoming the best possible you in this life and may constantly feel empty or challenged (no balance).

The easiest example is the Moon sign ?. If the Sun sign is yang, the Moon sign is our yin characteristics. While we would like to present our Sun characters towards the outer world, society, friends, work, etc, the Moon sign literally represents how you behave at home when you are most relaxed. More deeply, it’s our emotional reactions and how we feel comfortable and secured.

If you have Leo Sun ? and your Moon in Cancer ?, you act completely different at home. Unlike straightforward and expressive Leo, you’d like to shut off everyone when you feel emotionally vulnerable. You’d like to seclude yourself and be in your own world.

The danger of the Moon sign is that we are comfortable and naturally acting like the sign because our soul carried the trait from the previous lives. An astrologer once told me “We have Phd in the Moon sign”. In other words, we have profoundly experienced the Moon sign and mastered how it should be. However, it will often make us neurosis if we stay in the Moon sign too long. We start to feel uneasy and anxious by predicting what comes next because the Moon sign is our previous glory and we don’t learn anything. We are not supposed to aim for the Moon sign. Our current life’s quest is aiming for the Sun sign.

That is why I call the Sun sign a gift from the Universe. We have not mastered the nature of the Sun sign but we feel energised when we live in the way guided by the Sun sign. Simultaneously, when we need a rest and want to be nurtured, we come back to the Moon sign. Therefore, the pendulum between the Sun sign and the Moon sign should be balanced for the healthy growth of our inner world.

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