Catch up with 2020 in summer!

Dear astro Friends,

How are you surviving this extraordinary year 2020?

As I have been practicing astrology for a while, I knew that this year would be somewhat a challenging and transformational year for humanity but, honestly not this much. 😮 I usually travel back to Japan during summer, but this corona storm forces me to stay in Sweden and re-adjust my life path, who knows, in a more authentic way. 😮

Astrologers, who seek meanings between the sky and those on earth, say that 2020 is the first year and an important point of new millennia. Especially under the summer, as many major planets are ‘retrograding’ (look like going backwards from the earth’s perspective), it is an optimal time for us to check in and catch up with 2020. That is what is happening between our outer and inner worlds, how we could perceive the events happening right now and prepare for the coming new era.

For those who have already given me your birth data in the initial phase of my astrological path  (I’m much grateful for it) and for those who have never known me or my activity before (Welcome!), during the summer (June – Aug), I would like to offer you my Astrological Coaching/ Consultation with the half price (250 SEK).

It contains a 45-min consultation/coaching over Zoom or in park to discuss topics such as below and how the cosmos views the situation right now.

  • Who are you ?
  • What is your life purpose?
  • What are 2020 and its events telling you?

If you are interested in this service, just message me or let me know via contact. 🙂

For more details about my services and me, please take a look at Astro Coaching page.

Have a beautiful summer!

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