What it means to shift home

In 2007, I faced a decision on whether I should buy an apartment in the country where I never lived without any savings. In Sweden, it is not easy to rent an apartment, which I learned after I moved there.

The universe is always kind to us in a challenging way. When I struggled to find a rental apartment, it brought me a good-sized apartment for sale! My instinct said “Wow, perfect!” but I couldn’t make up my mind. I was fearful of the risk of being in a completely new work environment and having no savings in Sweden.

After all, I brooded for over a year by living with someone else. This experience painfully assured me of my need for independence. In 2008, I luckily found an apartment similar to the one in 2007. With some savings, I bought the apartment for the first time in my life.

That is my tiny apartment in Lund. It took me many years to understand what she has truly provided me for over 15 years! It is a genuine sense of independence, home, and safety while I was working and studying in Lund.

When I was exhausted at work, I could rest as much as I wanted. During the time of a heartbreak, I could cry as much as I needed. If I wanted to be secluded from people, my apartment provided me with a moderate degree of seclusion. Being a small apartment building, I could always hear someone living above and below, someone talking on the balcony. I often met neighbors in the staircase or greenery paths around the apartment. I never felt lonely!

The covid seclusion was never a lonely period for me, rather a fulfilling period of building stronger connections with my home and the area. I got to know my apartment and where she stood more deeply. I dearly loved her for taking care of her and enjoying living with her in the area.

For the past several years, however, my life situation has been constantly shifting and so are my mental and emotional states. I couldn’t ignore my sensitivity telling me that it may be time to change…

In one of my previous posts about Pluto’s changing sign, I highlighted that we were urged to profoundly shift whatever started around 2008 as if we were closing one chapter of our life.

Pluto, which entered Aquarius on 23rd March, now starts retrograde till 10th October. In the middle of June, it will enter Capricorn once again. During this Pluto retrograde or even before, we may be facing our incomplete business and naturally feel the need to finish it up.

Pluto is extreme and thorough when she sets her mind to be reborn. It is often not about the surface makeover. It’s about deep inner work. She sincerely wants us to shift our deep-rooted attachment to anything…

2 May – Pluto starts retrograde in Aquarius.
5 May – Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon in Scorpio
17 May – Jupiter in Taurus
19 May – New Moon in Taurus

Image: a view from the balcony of my apartment

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