Balance and harmony of ourselves with others

Happy Full Moon in Libra! This full moon emphasizes “balance” among any kind of relationship, situation, and matter because the Sun together with Jupiter in Aries powerfully encourages us to be on the opposite end of the scale, my way or highway. It is very much needed to assert what we want and need but, if it’s too much, it becomes selfish.

Libra wants us to check “Hey, it’s important to assert what we want but are we playing fair for other people involved? We trust ourselves that what we express is a vital gift for the world, but do we collaborate with others?”

Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, harmony, and values. While Taurus may not be so expressive but they know their values, Libra wants to share your values, joy, beauty, and happiness with others.

On the last New Moon in Libra, around 25th September 2022, what were you doing? What did you intentionally seed in terms of relationships and balance? How did they grow after six months?

I started to meet other coaches around the world through various meetings and webinars. Remote work can be quite interactive as long as we consciously strive to find opportunities to connect. Now I am connected with a few Japanese coaches, which helps me to expand my understanding of coaching in Japan and to train my coaching in Japanese!

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