Happy New Moon in Scorpio 2021

4 November 2021 (retrograde post)

Happy New Moon in Scorpio! The sign of Scorpio belongs to one of the four “Fixed” signs. In astrology, Fixed means a modality (a mode) embodying the quality of continuation, keeping, grounding, rooting, etc. Other Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. Therefore, when the New Moon or the Full Moon in one of the Fixed signs takes place, it is often that other Fixed signs are also affected. Especially on this New Moon in Scorpio, quite a few tensions in the sky among these Fixed signs are highlighted.

If you are feeling good as of now, keep going! If you are feeling not so good, please check if you are clinging on to something in life which no longer serves you. The four signs are showing us how human beings could easily be stuck (Fixed) in different aspects of ourselves: Taurus – Are you holding on to materials such as your collected tangibles, money, properties or social success? Leo – Is your pride hindering you from reaching out to others or facing the uncomfortable? Scorpio – Are you stuck in an emotional drama of relationships? Aquarius – Isn’t your belief or thoughts still relevant? Do you have space to listen to others’ advice or opinions?

The biggest teaching of Scorpio is to RELEASE. Do not hold tight on anything. It is good to take responsibility and care for certain matters but when we are obsessed to maintain as they are, there is no longer a balance. Nothing in this world is permanent. BREATHE DEEPLY and LET GO.

…Like the trees generously shedding their leaves in this season (only in the northern hemisphere!)

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