Happy Full Moon in Aries 2021

20 October 2021 (retrograde post)

Happy Full Moon in Aries tonight! This is an optimal opportunity to look back at six months ago, around the New Moon in Aries on 12 April 2021? What were you thinking of? Where were you in your life?

When the Moon is full, the Sun and the Moon are opposite from the Earth’s perspective. When the Moon is in Aries, the Sun is in Libra. The polarity between Aries and Libra is about Self vs. the Other: my own intention/ assertiveness vs. collaboration/ compromise with others; pursuing my own desire vs. accepting your wishes, etc.

At the New Moon in Aries, perhaps you have set an intention on how you want to live and assert yourself in the world. Now, it is a good time to review it. Am I rejecting others’ opinions too much? (being too selfish?) Am I listening to or accommodating my partner’s needs? Am I still compromising my needs too much for others’ wishes? How do I want to relate to others while holding my desire?

To be fully fulfilled, both aspects need to be balanced. As the Earth is carrying on the base of meticulous and delicate symbiosis, our physical, mental and emotional balance needs to be continuously taken care of. Pay attention and acknowledge where it is not working and needs balance.

PS Also, the Full Moon is the time of blooming. You want to pat on your shoulders what you have achieved so far and get rid of what doesn’t serve your purpose.

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