The Darkest New Moon in 2020

Sending you an extra blessing for the NEW MOON in Sagittarius on next Monday! 🌚

The key agenda for this New Moon is “DIVE DEEP, DECIDE WHO YOU TRULY ARE, & COMMIT TO LIVE WHO YOU ARE!”.

The New Moon is always the time to seed some intention but this one is extremely special. It is the darkest New Moon.

This New Moon in Sagittarius is just a week before the Winter Solstice when we are getting shorter daylight (in the northern hemisphere), plus it coincides (just a few minutes difference) with the Total Solar Eclipse when the Moon covers up the Sun!

Towards the solstice, we are as if in the deepest Underworld. Some may be feeling immensely inward or gloomy. It is supposed to be in this way since we are in the extra-deepest and darkest point now in 2020.

So, seeding our intention in the deepest and darkest point should be notable. The deepest point has the primal energy to shoot us up to the highest point.

Sagittarius, the archer in the sky, has a strong arrow reaching beyond your expectation or imagination once we set the aim right.

Please be honest what you wish for this New Moon. Please take time to ask yourself who you truly are.

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