Happy autumn equinox day!

Happy Autumn Equinox day! ??

When I opened the curtains of my bedroom at 5:50 am, there was a bright star shining towards me in the misty air! 😀 How could she reach her glowing light to me through this thick fog? Of course, she is Venus. ⭐️ She gives us hope to believe in ourselves by reaching us from afar.

Closing my eyes, I sit with her for a moment. She was beaming. She was so relaxed and abundant. Her illumination was telling me “nothing is missing, we have all we need”, and “take care of your body”.

Last weekend was very fluctuating in my energy. On Saturday, I felt a sudden jolt in my emotions and could not focus on anything. I analysed that it was due to the powerful New Moon in Virgo taking place on Thursday, which was followed by the perigee of the Moon on Friday, the Moon was at the closest to earth. (I am usually more affected by the distance of the Moon rather than the phase of it.)

Virgo represents many things which I am not good at. Virgo is about “pay attention to details”, “take care of your health” and “get realistic about day-to-day life”. As I have my Saturn in the 6th house (‘Virgo house’), astrologically, it is obvious that such Virgo kind of things is the matter which I have to learn throughout my life, and eventually, I will be good at it or even master it (Saturn).

As my natal Venus is in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn), the message from Venus this morning extremely made sense to me. In brief, “You are doing well, and just keep doing!”  ??

On Sunday, a new month started according to my 13-month calendar (based on a Mayan calendar), I felt a new flow of energy coming in. I knew it was the time to pay attention to the areas which I ignored during my thesis writing, and to catch up with them.

The conversation with astro charts is a day-to-day process. A one-time ‘fortune telling’ session will not bring you magic or determine your life. It is a gradual process to awaken us why we are doing what we do now.

It is the process of revealing, acknowledging, digesting, accepting and experiencing.

By engaging in conversation with the sky every day, you’ll start to sense what it means to you. You do not need to be an astrologer. All you need is to cultivate the innate sensitivity to notice shining stars in the sky or turning colours of the tree.

Image: My favourite candle stand of a White Fox 🙂

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