New Moon in Gemini 2020

Enjoying the New Moon in Gemini? ? Gemini ruled by Mercury is the sign of communications. Interestingly, Mercury (its ruler) in conjunct with Venus (our value) is also in the same Gemini! So…why not communicate with others and express ourselves!

As Venus (our values, love) being retrograding and square to Neptune (illusion, insecurity), it is a good timing to express our inner values to consciously keep holding on what we truly appreciate (not to lose in doubt).

If Venus were not retrograding, more extraverted and social communications would have been expanded. With the retrograde, Venus becomes more reflective asking ‘What are my core values?’ or ‘What do I truly want in relationships?’

To me, it feels like this is part of the process in the whole 2020 transformation (the current triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto). Before moving on to a new era, under 2020, we have multiple opportunities to re-focus our compass to our genuine True North. How exactly can we re-focus our compass?

The New Moon is when the Sun overwhelms its Moon. By being gathered one side of the polarity, our active intention (the Sun) is encouraged than our innate passive reaction (the Moon). The Sun currently spotlights our close environment and wants us to pay attention to immediate day-to-day interactions (Gemini) instead of trying to grasp the meaning of life or find the beauty in foreign lands (Sagittarius).

Be curious about your surroundings. “Make the familiar strange.” Talk to your friends, siblings, neighbours, etc. Find what makes you feel good in everyday life, which may be one of the navigators to your True North.

Photo by Compass_Jamie Street on Unsplash

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