Sustainability x Culture

Sustainability x Culture is a Culture thinking partner to provide sustainability & innovative advice and ideas in creating inspiring visions, plans and changes for new/ongoing projects and operations. Sustainability x Culture approaches any business agendas from human and cultural perspectives.

Hard numerical data is crucial to understand, measure and improve any Sustainability agenda. Simultaneously, with my experience in the Social aspect of corporate Sustainability*, soft data grasping social and cultural contexts of the agenda is critical to set authentic and long-term goals, execute enduring projects and bring truly positive impacts to people involved.

For example, the high number of responsible sourcing audits is disconnected as a proof of social improvement if the study of the supplier base is not thoroughly done and explained. Many corporate givings and community supports by business could be one-sided complacent or 'something to write about in the annual report" without voices and approval from the beneficiaries. Narrative or explanation is an important part of the Social aspect of Sustainability, why we do the way we do.

Sustainability x Culture also pays close attention to multi-stakeholder relationships. Multi-actors are composed of not only organic beings but also non-organic matters. We put all parameters on the same scale and see how they are related and have tensions.

With qualitative analysis, we shed the light on ‘lurking’ matters in everyday behaviour, belief and common sense, which may hinder Sustainability projects from truly serving as 'sustainable'. We mainly apply ethnography as a basic method including observations and interviews. In analysis, we apply social science theories to be as unbiased as possible, including habitus and the Actor Network theory.


  • Waste Management in the apartments in Malmö